• Advanced and Precise CNC Machine

    Yantai Jereh Power-Tech Co., Ltd. production adopts flexbile production line. This production line can finish rough and fine milling, boring and drilling in high efficiency and stability. All those equipment are of world famous brand which can reduce failure rate of the operators.

  • Automatic Installation of Accessory

    Yantai Jereh Power-Tech Co., Ltd. installs critical accessories of cylinder head such as valve seat, valve guide and camshaft bearing by automatic equipment. All parts will go through liquid nitrogen treatment before installation. Because of contraction principle, those parts can be properly mounted on the cylinder head, avoiding the damage caused by installation and increasing the mechanical property.

  • Clean the Head with Big Power Flushing Equipment and Ultrasonic Equipment

    It is very important that the head is completely clean before installation, which means the head should be free from iron chip, foundry sand and dirt, etc. A tiny iron chip can cause serious engine failure and result to expensive warranty. All the head manufactured by Jereh have been properly cleaned for customer's care free installation.

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